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Red, White and Blue Strawberries



I made these strawberries for the 4th of July this year. They were super easy, cute and tasty all in one. That is a winner in my book.

As I sit here watching the opening ceremony of the  Olympics, I was thinking that I needed to do a blog post. Been such a busy summer, that I have not had much down time. A patriotic strawberry seemed a fitting Olympic post.

I love the Olympics—so much fun to watch and cheer one. Gets me every time. For those of you having parties out there, add this to your list. Nothing says go team USA like a red, white and blue strawberry.



All you need for this is strawberries, white candy melts and blue sugar. Super easy. I found this little crock pot deal at our Dirt Cheap store. I love it. It makes dipping with candy melts so much easier. Get one. You will wonder how you lived without it.



Dip the strawberries in the candy melts and let them set up just a bit. If it is too runny when you go for the sugar, it will run and be a blob. Once it is ready, dip it in the sugar.



Once they are all dipped and sugared, lay them on a wax paper line sheet and let them set. I popped mine in the fridge for a while and they were good to go.





These are super simple to make, take no time at all and taste great. Add them to the party next time you need something patriotic! Enjoy!!



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