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Funfetti Cake



All I know is that sprinkles really do make everything more fun. The name of this one says it all. With the word fun in the name, you know it will be a good one.

I had an order for a funfetti birthday cake awhile ago. I had seen the mixes, but never thought of making a scratch one. To google I went. I mean, really, if you can’t find it on google, you should just not do it.

Something that seemed a tad difficult at first glance turned out to be a white cake with sprinkles in it. Well, I have a white cake recipe and I have sprinkles galore. Let’s do this.










I started with my white cake. Once I had it mixed, I added about 1 cup of sprinkles to the mix before I put the cake in the oven. If you want a ton of sprinkles, add as many as you like. I just wanted them there, but not so many that all you saw was sprinkles.

Once it was baked, I layered it and filled with buttercream. It was stacked and ready to be crumb coated.



I put another coat of frosting on it and got to sprinkling. I did not worry about how the frosting looked because it was gonna be coated with sprinkles. I put the cake board on a cookie sheet. I took handfuls and smooshed the sprinkles all around the cake. You can see from the pic how many did not stick. I was so glad I had enough sense to put the cake on something other than the counter when I did this!!



I used a star tip and put some swirls around the top of the cake. I tried to write on the top, but it was too small. No worries. I scraped it off and put some sprinkles on top. I liked the look of it being sprinkled on top too. I had enough space to write on the board, so it all worked out.




And that was it. I loved how this cake came out. A delicious white cake with the added fun of sprinkles. Top it with buttercream and you can’t go wrong. Ever. I think I can speak for all y’all out there when I say that cake makes everything better. Don’t believe me? Go make this and see how you feel after. Smile Enjoy!!




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