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Dipped Oreos



Who doesn’t like Oreos? Dip them in chocolate and they are even better! I had an order for a sports themed birthday party. Along with the cupcakes and cookies, she wanted sports ball Oreos. For some reason, I thought these would be hard. So wrong. These were crazy easy.



I melted the candy coating in a deep bowl in the microwave. I melted it in about 20 second intervals, stopping to stir each time. For the footballs, I used a candy coating from Hobby Lobby. It seemed much better than the Wilton candy melts. Drop the Oreo in the candy and dunk it to make sure it is all covered with coating. I used a fork  to tap off the excess coating.



Once they are dipped, put them on a parchment lined sheet to set up. When I was all done, I put them in the fridge to harden up. I used some of my cookie icing to make the different lines on them. I’m sure you could use candy melts too.



I popped them in paper cups and they were ready to go! These were crazy easy. It took me less than an hour to get them all done. I can’t wait to do more of these. I see some holiday themed ones in my future!! Enjoy!





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