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Christmas Cookies



My butter cookies was the very first post I had on here. At the time, that was what I was most comfortable making. I really just made butter cookies and chocolate chip cookies. Crazy to think of all that I have made since then.

I used to make them with a buttercream time frosting that I spread on. That will always be the way I remember them. But, wanting to try something new, I went to a new icing for me. I loved the way the royal icing cookies look. They are perfect and detailed—a look that cannot be achieved with buttercream frosting.

I started last year with a royal type of icing on my cookies. While I love the look of royal icing, I think it tastes like crap. I mean, you can add flavors to it to help it out, but most people don’t . It is too hard and just not good to me. That it is why I love this one—it dries hard, but still tastes good.

I can say that my piping skills have gotten much better from when I started. I still have a ways to go, but folks like them, so that is good. I always like to do Christmas cookies. And this year, if I had to do one more cowbell or paw print I would have screamed! Variety is the spice of life, after all.



Since I have done this post before, I won’t bore you with the same details. Just a refresher—these look better, so I figured I would post the pics. Smile

I outline with a 3 or 4 tip. That has to dry for a couple of hours. Then I thin out that same icing with more kayro. To fill the cookies, I use the candy bottles. I usually cut the tips to make the opening bigger. I fill a bunch of them and then go back to spread the icing around.



The cookies sit out and dry for at least a day. If they are getting another detail of icing that I want to stand up, the bottom layer of icing needs to be set. If I want the dots, or whatever I am doing, to blend in, I will pipe them while the bottom icing is still a little wet.


I think the best part of these is the different things you can do to them. You can do one style, or try new things. Cut out cookies can be done in so many ways, it is fun to stick to the tradition you have but also embracing something new. I guess that applies to life as well. I hope this holiday season finds your days filled with traditions old and new. Enjoy!!












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  1. 12/21/2012 8:37 pm

    Your cookies are so pretty– and I love the colors!

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