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Lego Cake



Who doesn’t love Legos? I would say that just about every kid had some Legos growing up—some adults still do. Legos are one of those great toys that has been around forever and will stay around forever. So, as long as there are Legos to play with, there will be Lego cakes!

I had an order for a Lego cake and Lego topped cupcakes. Man. There are some bad Lego cakes out there. I mean, really bad. So bad that I would not have even served them, much less taken a picture. The first thing I do is a search for cakes—it took awhile, but I found one I liked!

One of the best things about this cake was that I got to order a new baking toy. I get way too excited about new baking stuff.  I get all excited when I order them and all over again when it gets here. Living in a town with a Walmart and not much else, the internet is my source for all goodies.




The first thing you need for a lego cake is lego pieces. I used candy melts for them. I spooned it in the mold and tapped the mold to spread it around. The most important part is to keep tapping until bubbles start to come up. If you don’t do that, the tops of the legos will have air bubble holes in them. I made these a couple of days in advance and kept them in tupperware.



I used a white cake with buttercream for the cake and the cupcakes. The cake was frosted and smoothed, piped with a border and ready for legos!











I put some legos around the top and around the bottom of the cake. I figured that the pieces were too heavy to put on the sides of the cake. I loved how the lego pieces and little lego men looked on the cake. It was super cute and the customer loved it.





The cupcakes got a small swirl of buttercream and were topped with a lego brick. I was super happy with these. The cake and the cupcakes were just too cute. I can’t wait to do more lego themed baking!! Enjoy!





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