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Christening Cake



A sweet, simple cake for a sweet baby girl’s christening. This was my last order of the weekend. I had already done 3 dozen cupcakes with fondant toppers and 4 dozen iced cookies. I am trying not to take every order that comes in—after the fall craziness of baking nonstop, I want to take it easier. But, I just couldn’t pass this order up.

I always like doing something I have not done before. While this was not a complicated order, I had not done a christening cake before. I loved how this came out. I thought it looked like a christening cake without being overdone.



I have zero pics of the process. I always forget to take step by step shots when I have a bunch of orders. Smile  She showed me a cross style that she liked for the top. I cut it out of card stock, put it on the fondant and cut the fondant with an exacto knife. Once I had it cut out, I used one of my impression mats to give it some texture. I wanted it to be a little different and thought that the swirl pattern was just perfect.




I used the same swirl mat on the border for the bottom of the cake. I rolled it out, cut it to the width I wanted and then pressed the mat on it. Then I went through and cut the top edge with my scallop cutter. I had it straight and thought that the scallop edge would be something else to dress the cake up.


I put a pearl design around the sides of the cake. I used a fondant tool to poke little dents in the cake. I put a dab of water in the holes and put white pearls in the dents. I was worried that they would pop out, but they stayed—even on the bumpy road to delivery!





My cakes are always three big layers of cake. It makes for a nice sized cake. For this order, she wanted an extra tall cake, so I added two more layers to it. It was crazy big—a 10inch, 5 layer cake. That would be a super slice of cake!




In the end, I was super happy with this cake. It was simple, but made a statement. I loved the whole look of it—the scalloped parts and the pearls came out just like I wanted. I am always pleasantly surprised when the finished product looks like the vision I had in my head. The customer was thrilled with the cake and that is the best part of any order. Enjoy!






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  1. Karen permalink
    03/26/2013 2:39 am

    Love your design, did you use buttercream icing on the whole cake? Or is it fondant? Thanks!

    • 03/26/2013 4:38 pm

      thanks! I frosted the cake and then covered it in pink fondant. thanks for stopping by!! 🙂

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